Shio's 感じたことやら考えたことやら。。

by linsshio


I’m here in Mana island in Fiji, now. I do not have a good condition of the internet, so, I will report on the details of this trip after I come back to Japan.

Today’s morning, Niihara-sensei and I enjoyed observing plants in this Island. After that, we challenged to take BONBO massage which is the traditional massage in Fiji. Sugar is the most popular crops in Fiji, so sugar scrub is one of the menus in BONBO massage.

I just come back to the land from the sea. I enjoyed watching sea animals, many colourful fishes.

From now, Niihara-sensei , iidzuka-kun, who is a student in Toshi-dai, and I will be introduced plants in this island by the lady who has a herbal doctor in her relatives. Coconut tree, Mango tree, Franjupani tree, Hybiscus…, many plants here. In addition, we can enjoy many colourful birds.

by linsshio | 2009-09-10 06:53 | 日々のこと